References and Resources for all!

So many need help in these trying times, but most people don’t get it because they just don’t know where to look.  I  have prepared a few helpful references in the field of education, as well as ways to get help so that there is a little extra time to help make a difference.  Remember my lovelies, it takes more grit and guts to get assistance than it does to remain suffering without help.  That is a lesson I learned the hard way, and now, I’d like to give a little back for the help that I was given.


Assistance with anything: First Call For Help!

Emergency help with Rent, Bills, Food, Counseling, Housing, Child Care, Extra Spending Money, etc.

Call 211 on any telephone

Biggest way to make a difference, VOTE!!!

Register to vote, find out who is running, find out what your rights are.

Need to file an Election Complaint?

Texas Secretary of State

P.O. Box 12060

Austin, Texas 78711-2060


Toll free: 800-252-VOTE(8683)

Local: 512-463-5650

Fax: 512-475-2811

Need a legal answer involving Texas law?

Legal, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Employment Law, Criminal Law, Estate Law, Tax Law

Find a Lawyer- Free- Legal Consultations by Area Lawyers

Get help from a Texas Lawyer


Texas Advocates- Texas run by and for people with disabilities

TAFFIE- Texas Home Schooling Resources

Address and represent the lobby community’s concerns and issues

before the Legislature and regulatory agencies

Raise the ethical standards of the profession through self-regulation, participation in the regulatory process, legislation and continuing education programs

Find a Senator near you!

Find My Representative: Texas House of Representatives

Who Represents Me?

Senate, House of Representatives, Delegation



Kids’ House- Texas Government

A wonderful place where students and teachers can learn about Texas Government

Legislative Reference Library

Contacting Congress

A Citizen’s Congressional Directory

Find Listings for Local Public Schools in Austin, TX


Check out Elementary Schools by location

Free Public School Ratings

How to File an Issue with a Public School

How to Understand the Texas Public School System


Texas Education Agency- Correspondence and General Complaints

Texas Education Agency- Open Records

A Parent’s guide to section 504 in Public Schools

Texas Courts Online– Frequently asked questions

Set up a plan to pay for college

Federal Pell Grant- Do I qualify?

Grants, Scholarships, Student Loans for Women

Free College Scholarship search

College and School Scholarships, Grants, etc.

Scholarships and Grants


Get Involved in Public Education

Public Education Network: Revitalizing High School Libraries

Aspire Public Schools: Get Involved!

How did Government get so involved in education?

How to Succeed and Study in College

How to Improve your Lecture Notes

Writing Essays and Research Papers


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